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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 06:41


Greetings in the Mars-day ... the lovely Pink day of Lord Koot Hoomi ... the New Chohan for the Ray of Love in Aquarian Age.

      And while Physics do not explains ... how Lord Jesus ... the Master and the King ... walked on the Galilee Sea ... Physics will be almost void.

     Physics today is not totally void ... In fact, we have Newtonian Physics that move Man to walk on the Moon ... (not Einstenian Theory was need to engine a rocket and to make some manoeuvres on Space between the Moon and Earth ...)

     ... Was a fake in the first stage ... but in 1969 ... Man walk on the Moon.

     How Physics can explains that ... Jesus walked on the Sea ... like Dry Land? ...

     Extremely interesting is ... "Peter did ... by himself" (Listen Shasta 06).

     Then Peter go fear and fall in the Sea ... My Peter ... impressive!

     From the Book about Alchemy ...

1 Two thousand years ago when Christ walked upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee, 2 his demonstration was a manifestation of the natural law of levitation operating within an energy framework of cohesion, adhesion, and magnetism - the very principles which make orbital flight possible.

3 The light atoms composing the body of Christ, 4 absorbed at will an additional quantity of cosmic rays and spiritual substance whose kinship to physical light made his whole body light, 5 thereby making it as easy for him to walk upon the sea as upon dry land.

6 His  body  was purely a ray of light shining upon the waters.

7 The most dazzling conception of all was his ability to transfer this authority over energy to Peter 8 through the power of Peter's own vision of the Christ in radiant, illumined manifestation.

9 By taking his eyes temporarily from the Christ, 10 however, Peter entered a human fear vibration and vortex which immediately densified his body, 11 causing it to sink partially beneath the raging seas. 12 The comforting hand of Christ, extended in pure love, reunited the alchemical tie; 13 and the flow of spiritual energy through his hand raised Peter once again to safety.

     I, Giovanni (John in English) began to study the number "666" at the young age of sixteen ... and I have solved the Puzzle.

     I solve with help ... Heavenly help ... and publish the Solution in my first edition in English and Second Edition in Italian ...

    The meaning of "666" is related to Human DNA and Human DNA is not evil ... The message is ... "You can become like Christ ..." this is what means the number.

     Now ... Physics is not based on Divine Mathematics ... or "Quantum Mathematics".

     You do not have ... because you have an "Empirical Mathematics" proven "Inconsistent" by Kurt Gödel.

     To understand how the Master conquer Gravity ... and do not conquer ... "He simply Walk ..." on Water ...

     When we talk about ¨Gravity of World Conditions" ... we talk about "How complicated are the world Conditions" ... (See Vol. 49 No. 8 - Oromasis and Diana - February 19, 2006 - The Four Cosmic Forces - Part 3)

     Walter Russell explains ...

  1. The Einstein theory of the constitution of matter conceives this universe to he “one great ocean of electro­magnetism, out of which - and into which -- flow the streams of gravitation, matter and energy."

       Radiation, the equal-and-opposite mate of gravitation, without which gravitation is impossible, is entirely ignored in this fantastic and unnatural concept.

      Equally fantastic is the claim of this theory that “it is possible to have gravitation without matter." and “for space to exist without gravity or without matter."

      This is ANOTHER reason because Einstein Theory is Wrong ...

      ... but before to continue ... we need to ... be sure ... You got the point about the Quadrature of the Circle ... May be not ... May be you believe in Irrational Numbers and consider the Universe is Irrational ... and so everything.

      Just a word:     

The Squaring of the Circle

Let us consider now the four quadrants as these become the action of Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit. These four aspects show into which four categories the twelve hierarchies flow. The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is a trinity that corresponds to many aspects of the flow of energy (fig.7). Here on this chart we show it corresponding to the four lower bodies (fig. 4).

The Mother is the key in Matter and in Spirit to the release of the energy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Mother is the catalyst; she is the fiery core out of which these energies flow. Therefore, the Mother has a particular relationship to Father, to Son, to Holy Spirit. And through her, the trinity becomes the squaring of the circle in Mater (fig. 8).

The trinity is the spiritual threefold flame, the sacred-fire aspect of the Godhead. To bring this into manifestation in the planes of Matter, we must have what is known as the squaring of the circle, the crystallization of the God flame. The Mother is the crystal whereby the trinity becomes physical, tangible, workable in the four lower bodies and in the chakras.

     Now ... something more in the direction of ... Solution ...

Let's start with magnetism and gravity. These are the two little-understood forces on the earth that are profoundly interdimensional. They're only understood by science within the context of what's observed and then built around the observations. Almost everything science does with magnetism and gravity is simply invention around a known force. A true understanding of them would allow the forces to be manipulated and controlled. Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.


   The Control of Gravity means ... stop at 5 Km ... stop at 3 Km ... stop at 500 meters ... stop at 5,000 Km or 5,000 feets.

   There are other examples related to Saints and Prophets ... like Elijah Ascension ...


    In the case of Elijah (who was Saint John the Baptist) ... ascending ... where his disciple Elisha (Lord Jesus in one of his previous reincarnations), Elijah ... do not stop to ascend and negate Gravity.

     We can read ...

God is upright. And when men ascend, they do so because they have cast off the old and filthy garments of mortal thought and have changed them, by the power of the sacred fire, into the great victory of Life.    [Life] flows through their atoms, and therefore their flesh form feels the mighty light rays of God remove the old, tired, fatigued state of consciousness from their being, causing the roseate hue of the dawn of spiritual victory to flow through the blood and change it into golden liquid light.

Then the mighty fire of the heart, breaking forth from the chalice thereof, surges up with the golden light of victory. This beautiful golden light pours through the hands and the light rays are directed downward toward  earth to release the hold of gravity. The beautiful Christ consciousness rises upward from the ground, first a half an inch, then an inch, then a foot, then three feet, then seven feet, then twelve feet and then on and on and on until the great cloud of spiritual light, the substance from on high, the sacred fire jewel from the heart of God, the chariot of fire that raised Elijah descends and bears that victorious Christed one out of physical sight.

    -- Vol. 42  No. 50 - Beloved  Mighty Victory - December 12, 1999 -- The Victory Way of Life

 I will leave here the accumulation of concepts ... so you can meditate ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

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