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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 15:42


Greetings in the day of Balance ... the Mercury-day ... also called "Odin-day" ... "Wednes-day" ... the day of Money, Healing ...

     Now ... If we talk about Jesus, the Christ and Apocalypse ... as well Einstein ... may be ... not necessarily ... some not got the point ...

     ... Christ walked on Galilee Sea ... a Miracle? ... Not exactly ... Just an Exercise of the Sacred Science.

    Tesla? ... Alchemist of Atlantis ... Again Alchemy enter in the Game ... because you do not know Alchemy.

    Now ... When you study and read ... by example the Book of Alchemy of Saint Germain you can understand or begin to ... What Alchemy is ...


     There are a war ... between those who want ... This kind of Apparatus are developed ... and those who do not want at all.

     What kind of Apparatus? ... 

     One Word ... explain this type of apparatus ...

    Can you imagine the effect of this kind of transportation in private hands? It would allow the common man to go everywhere in the world, to visit all the places which he cannot presently even afford the airline fare to. Yet a small, privately-owned flying saucer would cost less than an automobile to build, would use practically no fuel, would travel thousands of miles per hour, would last a long time, and would require practically no maintenance. 

Can you imagine the effect it would have on totalitarian communist, fascist, or corporate state governments and 'favored' economic interests? Can you see the bottom drop out of the candy-assed real estate market, when it suddenly became possible to live anywhere, even places where there were no roads? Can you see the problems along the borders of countries, when saucers fly across and back without checking through "customs"? The main problems, as you can see, are with the paranoid and criminal fears of power crazy authorities, who would suddenly lose a lot of the power necessary for them to keep their "jobs", protecting and maintaining the interests of the coercive elite.

     There are many books ... that push Aether back ... Also us are working on that ...

    The point is ...

  • Alchemy is the Sacred Science ... is a Science but is Sacred and therefore religious. Is based on Faith and of course 
  • One of the reasons because Einstein Theory is Wrong is because the Aether ... but we need to include a Fluid Tesla Aether.
  • One of the use of ... The Book of Revelation is to understand the need to open the Seven Seals ... which are the Chakras ... and so its activation ... after years lead you to activate your Ka (or Chi) ... this give an impressive Strength ... and together with a Good Wisdom ... open the Doors to have a complete Look on Time.
Have Good Time,
Giovanni A. Orlando


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