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Tuesday, 28 July 2020 12:30


Greetings in the day of Mars ...

       However, because today is 28 (Perfect number because the addition of its proper divisor is equal the number) and 28 is 3 days after 25 ... Today is a Celebration day ... between the 13 days of Celebration, and is a day for the external Planets.

       A Question I submit to a great lord about my Calendar ... and he (He because is a Male presence) agree about the effectiveness of my FTLunarCalendar.

        My question was ... if I need to have 12 days in a week ... or keep 7 days? ... He consider is OK 7 days.

        The 7 days belong to the Internal Planets including the Sun and the Moon, so ... Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are INTERNAL.

        The first 2 days were celebration about Past external Planets: Chiron (The Bridge between Internal and External Planets) and Maldek (The exploded Planet).

           Today ... however, we celebrate ... Uranus ... Today is Uranus-day (on Mars-day) ...


    All this to say ... Happy Uranus-day.

    Now ... Let us see ... How we can connect ...

The Aether with Matter

     How is composed the Aether? ... How is the relation between the Aether and Light? ... as well the speed of light?

     Yes ... Indeed we do not know ... I mean ... You ... do not know ... and I am just a little bit beyond ... just a little bit in the understanding of Atom.

      Lord Rutherford ... propose a copy of the Solar System where the Sun ... may be the Nucleus and the Planets are the Electrons ... Now this is not exact.

      In fact, You do not know ... What is inside the Sun ... in both Spiritual and Physical mode.

      From this perspective important is to say ... immediately that ... the Electron has sub-components.

      These sub-components are called "Extas".

      A friend of mine ... discover the Eterons ... or sub-components connected with the Aether ... I consider ... because we live some correspondence ... I will honor him.

      In fact, his discovery can be honored with Nobel Prize ... His name is ...

Ioan-Iovitz Popescu


     But my words today are ... more simple than to proof the Aether ... or like to Work on the Aether like did ... John Forrest Keely did.

     And why my words are more simple? ... First because keep simple ... simplify your life ... and a Simple Life (not the Life of the Fool) ... but a Pythagorean Life ... a Leonardo Da Vinci life ...

      In Gross lines ... I can explain the relation between ... Aether and Matter.

      This explanation is equivalent to ... the relation or explanation between Aether, Electricity and the Miracles of Production of Matter, by Lord Jesus.


      A Good Book for the Aether is ... Paul Drude Book ...

Paul Drude

The Book is P. Drude, Physik des aethers, auf elektromagnetischer grundlagen, edited by V. von Ferdinand Enke (1894).

The most elementary concept to get from this Book is that Aether is Electromagnetic.

This means that ... Aether is composed by Electrons. How many Electrons in a gram of Aether may be subject of research.

Now, each Electron (accept for a moment ... an Electron means Elect.

Let us, this morning, take up the subject of the electron for a brief span. Have you thought about how words themselves indeed contain significant aspects that clearly reveal the nature of a given condition, place or thing? In the case of the word electron, the very word elect refers to the freedom of will, which the electrons have.

There are very few who have recognized, known, understood or even considered that electrons are actually little points of the infinite light of God, part of the cosmic fire, sparks of his infinite being who elect to do his will. Going forth joyously, dancing throughout the universe, these electrons convey the substance of life into the world of space, form and time. The world, then, comes alive because of these tiny electrons dancing in the very body of God.

Mankind accept and take and use the energy of these electrons in myriad ways, almost infinite ways, enjoying untold benefits from the activity of these small parts of the cosmic identity. These blessed electrons, dancing in the living flame from God’s heart, do joyously continue day after day to radiantly outpicture all that you call the manifestation of nature, all that you call your own, even your physical form. And when the truth is known, it will be understood that even the spiritual form of man is composed of these blessed portions of the divine substance that are released into the world of form.

Heed and hear, then, how these blessed, small and minute portions actually function within the domain of their own free will, electing to go forth and to carry forth this energy [of the infinite light of God] into the world of form—some to be misqualified and held in bondage but ultimately to return, of their own free will, back to the heart of God for repolarization (after men have done unto them that which they would do). (See Electrons Are Points of the Infinite Light of God)

Now ... The Myriad of Extas ... inside any Electron (can be proven ...) are like Life-tron.

Yogananda propose this word ...

Each "Exta" is Alive and there are Millions of Extas inside a single Electron ... Now these Extas can be Magnetic and Electric and they are ... representers ... of Life. Minimal pawns of Life ...

Because there are a connection between Prana (or grams of Prana) and Electrons through the Exta ... This is the very secret of Aether ...

You can manipulate ... using your Mind (A Priest, Cardinal ... a Saint ... a Sacred person with Pure Mind) ... can manipulate these Extas ... and so the Electrons ... and so the Atom.

The very secret of Aether ... is ... that you provoke the Eter ... We use Aether.

The Eter/Aether is everywhere present but nowhere manifest until it is called into action.

Therefore ... this in Gross Lines ... if you accept ... is how ... lord Jesus perform the Miracle of Multiplication

Each Miracle need a preparation ... a Purification ...

By example the Miracle of Resurrection ... from Death in the sense re-built the body ... was the training the Master suffer in the Desert.

He, explain recently that there in the Dessert he learn how to live without Food and without Water. Completely Self-sufficient. Independent.

Well ... We consider the necessary ideas to explain the connection Matter-Eter (and when we say Eter or like we prefer Aether) means Electricity.

Matter is Electricity in frozen state.

No many miracles today ... Well ... just one ... Cheers

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