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Wednesday, 29 July 2020 07:56


Greetings ... in the day of Nibiru-day ... on Venus-day.


         Like never before from 2011 ... when the first FTLunarCalendar was released ... and slowly along the years perfected to be Superior of both Solar and Mayan, because with the best of both ... Duodecimal ... From the first time ... we are "really" celebrating ... each planet of the Solar System, each day, as established.

           Particularly important is the connection with Nibiru, the Twelft Planet.


        This planet is celebrated today according to our FTLunarCalendar. 

         In fact, both ... The Latest Eclipse and the latest Full Moon creates a new Wave of Consciousness to a Superior level ... like those who feel and live it ... move to a New Floor Higher ... close to Highest Levels of Consciousness.

          Now ... Sumer and Akkad ... were related to Nibiru people who worked on Sexagesimal Number System.

          Therefore is not ... Man that evolve its Mind and work and learn to use Sexagesimal ... Nibiru people use this system, still today.

           They use this System ... because the Orbit they follow is exactly 3600 years ... around our Sun ... and they are the most advanced Civilization in the Solar System. When Nibiru arrives here ... each time Our Sun knows ... and have Joy ... like the Black Sheep that return home.

           Otto Neugebauer said in 1930: "What is called Pythagorean in the Greek tradition had better be called Babylonian".

           Now ... without doubt Pythagoras compose and inspire the Greek Mathematics ... You can say that he is responsible for "Pythagorean Theorem" but you can say that ... is that make you happy ... It is more than evident that the Pyramids where built using that Theorem ...

             ... but the Pyramid have several thousand of years of age ... more than Pythagoras ... as well Babylon.


         The Story of Pythagoras in few lines is as follows: "He born in Samos. Then a day he mount to Mount Carmelo and find a some balance and peace. A great Purification ... then he understand he must move to Egypt and he join and become a student under the tutelage of Egyptian Priests. Then Egypt got an Invasion and he become prisoner and was moved to Babylon. In both places he learn ... then he move to Southern Italy, Crotone and found his school".

        From the other side of the Ocean ... in the Americas the Great Pyramid of Teotihuacan ... that Pyramid is still before than Egyptian Pyramids and are dated 23,614 B.C.

         The Mayan worked with a Vigesimal System ... using the Trecenas, instead of Sexagesimal of Sumerian.


     What is Galactic Math? ... Whatsoever is the Old Civilization you want to call to your attention: Sumerian (Akkadian Empire), Egyptian, Mayan ... Hindu with its Yugas ... Always they lived different ... They were Creative, Advanced ... Civilized, but all have a Cosmic Clock.

      If we look the Mayan ... Their Calendar ... which many knows only a small part ... range from about 25,607 years ago ... before the last Flood, before Akkadia and Sumer, before Egypt. However, there were also other Civilizations before this ... in Older Arabia.

      The Mayan got its Calendar thanks to Tzolk’in. He was ... a Cosmic Being ... and he propose the 260 days ... with 13 tonalities.


   At Galactic level ... We can see these 25,607 years.


The Mayan Calendar is so exact ... that works on the exact day of change.

Aramu-Muru ... Lord Meru ... was Tzolk’in.

We can ... define ... choose to return to the ... Tzolkin like ... but not the OLD one ... but an actualization.

After many years of research in Time ... I finally use ... this calendar ... which is draw back ... can show the day of the Noah Flood. Unique!


If we look unto Egypt and the Magical Pyramids ...


Again? ... What is Galactic "Quantum" Math? ... It is the Math of the Galaxy ... It is the Math of Time and enclose all other Mathematics.

60 is 12x5 ... Therefore a Duodecimal Math can be used to expose the Sumerian Base 60 Math, as well the Mayan of Trecenas (13).

Therefore the Natural (missing) Galactic Math ... explains the entire work of the Universe and IS NOT EMPIRICAL.

A Small example ... just the ideas.

Consider these 4 numbers. Note they are NOT Written in progressive mode.

Has been proved by one of the few Quantum Mathematicians that ... the first four numbers can be used to create the entire Mathematics to built the


Conclusion: There are facts in Quantum Mathematics that are different than in Empirical Mathematics ... Quantum Math is the Math of the Universe, easy and effective.

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