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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 10:17

Hi Everyone,

Well, seems I found some time to start to speak about this.

This video explain you what there are several alternative fuels ... based on water, like for example the "HHO Gas".

Take a look ... and start to think that you can use water on your car ... instead of 4.4 US$ for Gas in the US, or 1.57 euro x liter in Italy.



I will give you also an URL on the Web ... http://water-4-gas-systems.bravehost.com/

I am not yet start to use this technology ... Actually ... I am only commeting to you.

(There are some many ... but some many ... that soon ... may be take years ... but too many ... everyone will start to use water instead of fuel. Do your search on the Web, Right now!)




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