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Wednesday, 28 May 2008 00:00

2008 ... A New Beginning.

No way ... This is the third time I comment about this with three different looks, and I will repeat here:



World, 2008-05-28.

2008: ADN Awaken, Maya Calendar, Time Acceleration, Angels speaking thought channelers that you can hear face-to-face under payment, or download the MP3 from the Web ... Quad Core processors, 4 GB Laptops, 11 GB of Dictionaries for free, almost any movie available for free download from the Web only some weeks after its release, Internet connection so faster and capable to download a movie (640 MB) while lunching ... and of course unfortunately several disasters at different latitudes.

Logically, the world is changing ... and is changing faster. Reading the book "Mayan Code" I discover the author a woman speaking about a planet I never hear about: Chiron ... Amazing. For additional information visit my personal website: GiovanniAlbertoOrlando.com, and there are also another planet: Kibiru, for a total of twelve planet. I personally was stopped at number 9.

Do you hear about the Kryon? ... I call Kryon an angel that speaks about a man called Lee Carroll, an ex-businessman (check Book1 ). Well, was hearing Kryon that I choose the title of my this page: 2008=28 (2+8=10)=1, a "1" ... it is a new beginning.

Saint Germain said: "Religion and spirituality are no shame", so let me fix something for you before you quit this page.

Science as intended it is "really" incomplete. The world are moving to an incredible energy crisis. Yesterday, I put some gas on my car, and I pay 10 euros, for 6.4 liters. This is equivalent to 1.562500000 euros per liter. Amazing!

Do you feel the time acceleration? ... Time speed are moved faster and faster from 1999, and this is a consequence of earth's magnetic grid. A scientific fact. The North position had been changed after 1999, check the web if you don't beleive my words.

Now, how is possible that time change speed? What is time? Time is energy, and fortunately it is free. I will not go to explain you more about that now, I can simply said that things are changed for no-back direction, for better.

May be we, Future Technologies does not honor our name, yet. We simply develop a training course about free downloadable operating systems, Linux. However, we will honor our name, we will release Future Technologies ... for you.

Between the things, I learn in those days, was connected with the symbol that we include in our logo company. The "thunderbolt" or "Vajna", like "Wake up", "Stand up".

Thunderbolt ...

Kryon said that the missing point in technology is spirituality. Exactly:

"... As humanity proceeds in the next few years, you will be given the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental, and spiritual to achieve real science. You currently do not have real science, only two dimensional science... human science, not universal science.

The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as nonscientific. This is ironic in that the spiritual is where the real power and understanding is! " ...

Because I am sure, it is a lot for you, like was for me, I the founder of Future Technologies will offer training services from Futuretg.com and these will be connected with "Technologies, Science and Arts", and in my personal Website GiovanniAlbertoOrlando.com, I will comment things about my studies about spirituality and religion.

At your service, I remain,
Giovanni A. Orlando.

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