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Friday, 01 August 2008 14:34

Between the inventions that Nikola Tesla release to the world, we include the Tesla Coils ...


A Tesla coil is an electric apparatus composed by coils, sometimes toroid coils capable to produce high voltages ...
Range of voltages comes from 250,000 (250KV) to 500KV up 1500KV (1,500,000 Volts),
Our role here, now is just to introduce to you. We are including in our technologies ... as Technology #4 Free Electricity.
Check the video, produced by a popular Tesla Constructor.

We will cover Tesla Coils construction in our course on Electro-Magnetism.

We are leaving now with some advices:

  • Never adjust Tesla coils when the power is turned on.
  • High voltage capacitors may hold a charge long after power is turned off. Always discharge capacitors before adjusting a primary circuit.
  • Make sure the metal cases of transformers, motors, control panels and other items associated with tesla coils are properly grounded.
  • Make sure that you are far enough away from the corona discharge so that it cannot strike you. Do not come in contact with metal objects which might be subject to a strike from the secondary.
  • The low voltage primary circuit is extremely dangerous! These voltages are especially lethal to humans. Make sure these circuits are well insulated so users cannot come in contact with the A.C. line voltage.
  • A safety key should be used in the low voltage circuit to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Use adequate fusing of the primary power and/or circuit breakers to limit the maximum current to your control panel. Do NOT count on your home circuit panel to provide adequate protection!
  • Never operate a Tesla coil in an area where there is standing water, or where a significant shock hazard exists.
  • Do not operate a Tesla coil when pets or small children are present.
  • Spend some time laying out your circuits. Hot glue, electrical tape and exposed wiring are quick and easy, but could be lethal.
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