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Saturday, 02 August 2008 07:53

Good Morning our fellow visitors,

This morning we will introduce Vibrational Medicine (also called Energy Medicine).

We will course Vibrational Energy in our course on Human Evolution. Honestly we have no idea, when all these courses will become available because we are working on a review of the actual Relativity theory, under a new perspective, the Nikola Tesla perspective. Of course this requeries the appropriate Mathematical support including Classical Geometry and Galois Theory, and other subjects in Chemistry, Biology, Geology and World's Religions.


Our body is composed by blood and flesh, like a consequence of the light we are composed. Where is this light? This light is within our DNA.The photons are inside the nucleus of each one or our cells.

So, our body (as well our car and our beauty womans, our books ... in other words) our reality is composed of fibers of energy or light. Darkness is the absence of light. Look the colors for a simple explanation. They go from from blue to violet.

I will include here the chart of our being.

This explains better the nine colors spectra, as well the nine universes where matter start to be released and get a shape and aspect as well color and form.

Here is where Science and Religion match!

Our Chakras runs a very important role.

We here display the common seven chakras.


Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, at California Institute of Human Sciences had invented the AMI, an aparatus to check and misure the Human Chakras, as well the speed of our Ki (or Ka).

For additional information about the AMI, please visit: http://www.cihs.edu

Vibrational medicine is based on the premise that human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of energy and that when a human body is not well that it is the result of one or more of these fields of energy being unbalanced and that the re-balancing of these energies will help to re-establish a person's good health.

A classical source on Vibrational Medicine, is Dr Gerber, Richard, M.D. Vibrational Medicine (Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Company, 1988).

Fowhere you can download an usefully brochure:

Energy Medicine: An Overview

Between the healing methods is in considered the Qi Gong. My favorite Qi Young is Falun Dafa.


Therefore, and honestly ... normal pharmaceutical and are simple mode of healing, and honestly expensive.

I heard that the cure for problems like Cancer and HIV had been founded but not public, because it is more easy to maintain people in hospital, specially in the US, because in Europe this is not necessary, to food Doctor's money wallet, that to cure US Americans.

In the measure we learn to heal ourselves ... pharmaceutical industry will get out-of-business.

We need, of course and will include a course on Vibrational Medicine. Teaching and Balancing HUMAN DNA layers.

This is all for now,


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando



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