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ftlogo_2007b.jpg Welcome to the New Future Technologies ... Welcome to the Freedom (Free Kingdom), where everything is for free!

Some one of you know Future Technologies because we commercialize our training product for Linux, called "FTLinuxCourse", sometimes called "Fast Training Linux Course". Others know us, generally in England and Germany, because we commercialize the product "ProveIt" that tested PC for the millenium bugs, others knows us for other reasons ...

But, from 2008 ... as announced There are a New Beginning ... for us.

We encapsulate our FTLinuxCourse inside our training for Computers, and we will offer slowly also training for popular software that runs under Windows, like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. However, this is only a small part of the panorama ...

The final goal is to offer a complete and updated course on Human Evolution. And therefore we will cover the important topics we choose from Biology and Chemistry like the ADN as well from Astronomy. And therefore, from Physics, including 3D Mechanics also called Classical or Newtonian-Galilean Mechanics and 4D Mechanics also called Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. And because these matters of course Mathematics,including all the beautiful topics like Calculus, Classical Geometry and Algebra in all their ranges. We include also Geology and specially Wave Propagation. Of course we includes also humanities like Languages where we cover English as well Romance Languages ... up to World's Religions.

This is our role ... teaching you a new vision of the Universe ... explain it ... why and how!

From the technologies point of view, we leave "Free Software" as our #1 technology and its logical consequence "Free Operating System", like #2 technology. Then, we go up and up ... teaching how to build and save money ... with "cheap" technologies . I prefer to move slow in these matters because they involve different new ideas ... that start to be available also from others on the Web, that we will adopt and study and propose ... as well millions and millions of dollars/euro ... Today, July 23th for example we announce how some people start to adopt water to runs their car, instead of water. Others technologies will be added. I suppose that we will arrive at twelve technologies.

So, we are a little bit tired, to apply patches and patches to our Website. So, from 2008 we have a new look. Honestly this is not definitive. We will change and perfectionate ... but from now, this is the core.

Time ago, I comment that "Knowledge (or Wisdom if you prefer) ... is everything!". ... If you know how to produce an Operating System, you can install ... your own Operating System inside your PC. If you know how to save fuel ... you can save a lot of money ... everyday! ... If you know how to produce electricity ... you don't need to pay for it ... as so and so.

Well, my friend ... Welcome again to the new Future Technologies. There are a Renaiscement at Future Technologies, and I know you feel it.

Thanks for now!
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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